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10 Jun '15

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Watch out Cath kidston remember the name Rebecca Christian

Pitching to investors as part of the ‘Spark Up’ Business accelerator program run by The Liverpool Chamber of Commerce. @sparkupnow @lpoolchamber

‘Hi my name is Rebecca Christian I am a Liverpool illustrator, artist & designer. I would like to tell … Read More

05 Jun '15

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Vintage Designs

New Vintage Designs by Rebecca Christian What do you see in these vintage designs, wallpaper? Handbag? tie? gift wrap? greetings card? table cloth? Let me know!

Our current range of designer products includes: Fine art prints, greetings cards and cushions, … Read More

05 May '15

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Can Artists Be Entrepreneurs? Absolutely

To all self employed artists out there, be inspired by this article…

According to a number of business authorities, morphing your personal talent and passionate interest into a full-time business is a terrible plan.┬áBut a growing number of artists and … Read More