Medical Illustrator

The medical world is changing rapidly and there are hundreds of breakthroughs in science every year. Being able to explain and represent new concepts in an easy to understand illustration requires a great deal of expertise.

In the past, medical illustrators would have been employed on-site at local hospitals or research facilities.

Nowadays, with the power of the internet, medical illustration is a specific skill set that is generally hired on-demand through commissioning. The tools used have also changed – illustrators are more likely to use graphic design software to create images and animation techniques than paint on a canvas to meet their client’s needs.

The UK has a strong record for high-quality medical illustration and artists in our profession operate across the globe for many institutions. There are just a few thousand fully qualified medical illustrators in the world and the scope of their work has widened dramatically over the last few decades.

Find Medical Illustration UK

If you are searching for a medical illustrator in the UK it can be challenging to find one that fits your needs completely. This is a specialist area that generally requires a degree qualification and a good deal of expertise, not to say skill.

Whether you’re an organisation or an individual, I can provide a range of services including digital graphic design for training purposes.

Medical illustration differs from many other forms of art because the illustrator needs to have a deep scientific understanding as well as the ability to pay attention to minute details. Using the right tools is also important. Deadlines can often be tight and so the ability to work quickly but without any drop in standard is essential.

You may want to hire my services if:

  • You are a scientific author or publisher and need illustrations for a book or digital product.
  • You are an educational establishment and would like original medical illustrations for presentations.
  • You are, for example, a pharmaceutical company and require a scientific poster or brochure designing.
  • You are a video developer in the healthcare sector and require accurate medical images creating for your next project or animation.
  • You are a solicitor and want to get across complex medical information to jurors in a courtroom.

I can cover a wide range of different subjects and work with teams from hospitals and clinicians, to general GP practices and educational sectors as well as professionals such as vets. Commissions generally involve working closely together and understanding fully what is required before the project can be started.

About Rebecca Christian

Based in Crosby in Liverpool, I have a degree in scientific illustration and have since worked in many areas to do with design and technology. In recent years, I’ve been forging a career as a medical illustrator, wildlife artist and designer.

One of my most recent commissions was for Liverpool University Veterinary Department and Warwickshire College which entailed creating several illustrations that were then used for learning purposes. This was a fairly lengthy collaboration which involved creating anatomical images that could then be used for a computer-based learning format.

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