British Greeting Cards

The good news about today’s online world is that it’s opened up the opportunity to find something a little different. This is certainly the case when you think about British greeting cards.

Despite the rise of e-cards in recent years, people still prefer something real they can pick up, admire and show off on their desk or mantlepiece.

This brilliant opportunity and my passion for local nature have helped me to create unique designs that stand out from the mass-produced cards we see instore nowadays.

I now have several British card collections and artworks on offer, produced from watercolour and gouache and which are available for sale. The cards are blank inside which means you can add your personal message, using them for any occasion.

The British Greeting Cards Collections and Artworks

Growing up and living in an amazing area like Liverpool, Crosby and the surrounding North West has given me access to some wonderful countryside. Look around and there’s plenty of wildlife to see and places to visit if you want to get away from the big city.

The British Coast and Countryside Collection

This is one of the first series of cards I created, something that was developed from a project I worked on for Sefton Council while studying for my degree in scientific illustration. The original designs were in watercolour and gouache and later I decided they made the perfect covers for attractive British greeting cards.

Sefton Coastline is 12 miles of amazing landscape and it’s full of a wide variety of butterflies and dragonflies, not to mention natterjack toads, shelducks, sand lizards and the most elegant grass of Parnassus.

The Country Wall

Wales is just a short drive from my hometown of Liverpool and it has some wonderful countryside. I love the dry stone walls that you find in hilly landscapes such as Snowdonia and I used these for my inspiration with this collection of British greeting cards.

Rimrose Valley Nature Reserve

Also known as the Mersey Forrest, this is a brilliant location to visit if you want to get in touch with nature. The painting tries to capture the varied wildlife you find here, including long-eared owls, robins, grey herons, foxes, pheasants, the odd water vole and the ever so cute wood mouse.

With the need for a lot of attention to detail, this is one artwork where my background in scientific illustration has certainly come to the fore.

Birchwood Forest Flora and Fauna

I produced the original painting that was the inspiration for these card designs from a field trip to Loch Lomond in Scotland, one of the most serene and beautiful places I’ve ever visited. Again painted in watercolour and gouache, prints of the original are also available in various sizes.

Winter Bramblings

Winter is an amazing time of year and I love the colour and intricacy of bramblings, a character-filled bird that is similar in size and shape to the more common chaffinch. The inspiration for the watercolour came from a visit to Wrexham where I found this beautiful log in the countryside that I used as a reference.

Buy British Greeting Cards Online

The good news is that you no longer have to look that hard to find works by different artists if you head online. Whether you are searching for distinctly British greeting cards or prints of the wonderful countryside, you can now purchase them from my online store.